OnePlus 6T was Launched in October 2018, It was a Flagship device launched by the Franchise after the massive success gained by OnePlus 6. OnePlus never compromise the quality of their Product. OnePlus 6T was Packed with QUALCOMM Snapdragon 845. With a big screen of 6.41-inches Optic AMOLED Display. This device is truly having some killing features. OnePlus 6T was the First device from the company to have an On-Screen Fingerprint sensor.

OnePlus 6T Also Make a Guinness World Record – the Most People Unboxing a Phone Simultaneously at the launch of the OnePlus 6T.

If you are looking to sell old Oneplus 6T then you should definitely try your Oneplus 6T 128GB is in excellent condition then it might get some additional cash. Moreover, if a phone is handled with cure and there are no big signs of wear and tear will always ensure additional cash. To ascertain the particular price of your Old Oneplus 6T in India, you’d need to visit our official website and Sell Old Oneplus Mobile at the Best price. You Can Use  for the Best Price.

The interface of our website is extremely user friendly and you’ll Sell Your Old Oneplus 6T:-

You Need To Follow Four Simple Steps:-

Step 1: look for your Oneplus 6T Variant.

To Sell Old Oneplus 6T, you’ve got to look for your mobile. Visit our home page and manually click the Oneplus tab on the main page then select Oneplus 6T. otherwise, you can type Oneplus 6T within the search bar on the main page. Once you’ve got Oneplus 6T, the Next thing that you simply need to select is the 128GB model mentioned thereon page.

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Step 2: Select the Exact Details

When you have selected the 128GB option, you’d be redirected to a page with the worth quotes. Under the image of Oneplus 6T, you’d need to answer some basic questions about your phone. That will help in the calculation of accurate price quotes for your mobile. You have to select options like whether the phone is getting on or not. If there is any Fault in the Oneplus 6T. How Old is the device? A device under warranty will provide more price as compared to a device out of warranty. Overall condition of the device. You have to select it from Excellent/Good/Average/Below Average. as per the condition of your device.

Step 3: Submit Details For Pick Up.

Instant Quote will be generated as per the inputs provided. If you are Agreed to the Quoted Price. Then You need to fill in your personal details within the form; your name, address, contact number, Imei Number, and Pin code. Fill it with accurate details. Once you’ve got filled in the details then click on Submit for confirmation of selling your Oneplus 6T.

Step 4: Free Pick Up & On-Spot Payment.

A Unique Order id will be Generated Against your Old Phone. Then our executive will visit your location as per the schedule. Your Oneplus 6T will get checked physically. And will also check functionality. If there is any issue Found in the device, An Instant Re quote will be made on the Spot. And if you agree with the new quoted price(only if any issue with the phone) then On Spot Payment will be made. And there are no Hidden Charges included in this. This is the simplest way to Sell Old Oneplus 6T Online.

If we Talk about today’s price(30-12-2021 *price may change a) an Old Oneplus 6T without any issue & having all Original accessories can be sold @ 12200/INR. Our Team Of Experts Makes the whole Process Flawless. It a Complete Hassle Free Process,

If you want to sell old phone, sell it at for the best price.

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