Sanitization of your mobile Phone in Corona Phase

Mobile Phone Sanitization/Cleaning

The average time we touch our phone is 2617 times in a day. And that goes up to 5400 times a day for extreme phone users as per the research done by dscout. And we don’t even realize that much we are intact with the Mobile.

In this pandemic situation of Covid-19. Everyone is keeping themselves sanitized, frequent hand washes we are doing, Face masks we are using, and doing every possible aspect to stay away from the Virus. Mobile Phone sanitization is also a necessary thing to do, as the study of the Covid-19 virus can live on a mobile screen for 28 days at 20-degree temperatures.

How to Clean/Sanitize Your Mobile phone

1, Switch Off the Mobile. Unplug the adapter.

2, Do Not Apply liquid or spray directly to Mobile Screen, It can damage the screen.

2, Use a simple cotton ball or cloth & dip in into the water, and gently rub the screen of the mobile phone. Dettol and water mixture can also be used for disinfection.

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3, According to Apple 70% of Alcoholic sanitizer can be used for the disinfection of Mobile phones. But take care not to apply it directly to the phone.

4, Simple Face wipes can also be used for This purpose.

Mobile Phone Sanitization/Cleaning

5, Take out the Phone case if any, and clean it with hand sanitizer or Spray. as this is the most touched part of the device.

6, These are all things one can do for cleaning & sanitization of mobile phones.

Aside from all these. One needs to leave the mobile phone in a Pocket while, in a store, in a restaurant, or in a public place. where the risk of getting covid-19 is most. Do have a 20 seconds hand wash before touching your phone again. make this a practice. this certainly reduces the risk of exposure to the covid-19 virus.

“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world — not even our troubles”- Charlie Chaplin

Hope Soon Everything will be back to normal.

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