The widest-used messaging platform over mobile phones is undoubtedly WhatsApp. You want to chat with some, share an image, or instant video moreover documents are shared on WhatsApp. If we talk about digital well-being applications, they must take good value in the usage graph for all WhatsApp users. The best part is location sharing- one can share the live location for up to 8 hours, which is pretty easy to share and very helpful for users,

Although most people are using it on Mobile phones, there is also a user database that uses WhatsApp on laptops/PC/MacBooks. Till now Whatsapp on the web was accessed via web browsers like google chrome or Mozilla firefox. Below is the process of how currently WhatsApp is being used on Laptops/PC/Macbooks.

There is some prerequisite are there for accessing WhatsApp web. One mobile phone with an active sim card and an active internet connection needs to be there.

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How To Use WhatsApp web

  1. Browse from a web browser. A page will be displayed just like the one below.
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2, Open WhatsApp From your mobile phone then browse the settings tab, and then open the QR code scan option.

3, Once the QR code is scanned, all the messages on your phone will get displayed on your laptop/pc/MacBook. and messaging can be done. One thing that needs to keep in mind internet connectivity needs to be there for both devices i.e. laptop & mobile phone as well. Because the messages are first to get delivered on mobile phones and then on laptops. there might be a slight delay in messages getting delivered on the web. Messages are totally in sync between mobile phones and laptops. if you send a message from the phone it will get reflected on the web version also and vice versa. Apple iPhone 12 Resale Price

Download WhatsApp Desktop Application

The Franchise has also launched applications for the desktop versions. Windows 8 or higher version must be installed to install the desktop application of WhatsApp. One needs to follow a simple process for accessing it.

1, Download the application from this Link.

2, Once the exe. the file is downloaded, Execute the files and get the installation completes.

3, Afer successful installation of the application, open the app, it will ask to scan the QR code for the First time.

4, Scan the QR code and all the chats will be available on your desktop screen,

Now you can send messages even if your mobile phone is not connecting to the internet. Until the web application is working WhatsApp will be active. This is really a great feature like we are using any other app. A maximum of 4 devices can be connected simultaneously.

there are some other methods to access WhatsApp on a desktop by using some emulators, which are also used to play games like PUBG, and FREE FIRE, or for using android applications. some of them are Game loop, Blue stacks, LD player, NOXPlayer, etc.

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