Things To Ensure Before Selling Old Phone


Nowadays, One can get all services online. Whether it is PC repairing /Car Servicing/milk delivery/ Mobile phone Repair etc.

You can buy a device online. And in the same way, devices can be sold online. There are many Platforms that are providing home pick-up service & yes Olx is always there for getting some extra amount of money. Though the challenges are more when you sell your old phone at Olx.

In any case, while you sell old phone at any platform. One must keep in mind some basic yet useful points. That will definitely avoid any misuse of your Crucial Information. So let’s see some things which should be done while sell old mobile

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Back up Your Data

This is the First and Foremost thing when we replace an old phone with a new one. One Needs the Xerox data as of Old Mobile. There are many apps at the play store. With help of those, all data can be transferred from the old device to the new device. For Xiaomi phone user Mi mover is a great application.

For IOS to IOS iCloud is the best way to sync your data. You can get the same data on a new IOS device.

For images & Videos, pc transfer is the Best & Fast process. As it takes more time & Space too.

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Backup Call Logs & Text Messages

Another important thing to take back up of is call logs & Text Messages, SMS back up & Restore. All of your call logs & text data can be uploaded to Google Drive. And can be downloaded to new Phones. one can take a daily, weekly, and monthly backup of call logs & text as per their requirements.

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Whatsapp Backup

As per the Report, there are around 40 Crores of WhatsApp Users in India. which is a huge Number. And in fact, WhatsApp has fastened the communication system. This is the pivot thing to be taken care of. Because if you don’t take the backup properly then all are gone & can not be recovered. You can take the backup on Google Drive & which later can be downloaded on a new device. One can include videos also in the backup if one wants. Go to Settings>>Chats>>Chat Backup>>Back Up. One can select the Frequency of backup when I tap, Daily, weekly, and Monthly as well.

Factory Reset

After Ensuring all backups are done successfully. The final Factory reset is to be done. Just search for reset in Settings. Click on Factory reset >> Back up & reset>>Erase All Data>>yes. It will ask for screen Passwords if any. Enter the password and wait for the phone to reset. After resetting Remove the sim Cards & SD cards. Clean the phone with a neat cloth. Now you can Handover the device to cash2phone team. After the inspection of the device by our executive spot payment will be done.

This is all you need to do before selling your old phone at any platform. You can sell iPhone online at best price,

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