All electronic devices can face the issue of a blank screen, a blue screen in a laptop, and a black screen in a mobile phone case. In this topic, we will see the causes of the iPhone black screen and how it can get fixed.

An issue often causes a black screen with the display or the logic board. These two parts of the iPhone are crucial to how the phone works and dictate what the display will show. Another possible cause of a black screen is a faulty or dislodged cable. To fix this problem, you should first ensure that the line is a genuine Apple. One major cause can be the fall of your iPhone, which might cause the connection lost between the motherboard and screen..

If your iPhone is experiencing a black screen issue, you might wonder how to fix it. Below are some points which can do in case you are facing a black iPhone screen.

1, Low Battery

This is the first thing to check. A drained battery can cause your iPhone screen to be Black if the device cannot get proper power to boot, resulting in a black screen. Plug in the charger of your device and wait for some time. If your iPhone starts in a while with an apple logo on the screen, then your problem is resolved. But if nothing is still happening on the phone, it might be due to another issue. Make sure the connection cable is functioning.

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2,Force Restart

A force restart can also be a good solution for the black screen of the iPhone. Yes, it sounds a bit weird. But yes, a force restart can solve the issue by killing some temporary files on the memory. All you need to do is press the power button for some time and swipe right to restart the device. Most of the black screen issues get resolved in this step. If your screen is still not cleared, it might be due to another problem.

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3, Recover Mode- Enable

This is the next step which needs to be performed to revoke the black screen. All you need to do is connect your iPhone to iTunes and connect the device via a USB cable. Once the device is connected with iTunes, it will ask to restore the data for the previous date or update the iOS version of your iPhone. In this step, it is mandatory to have the backup of your iPhone. Else all data can be wiped off during this step

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4, Factory Reset

Factory reset is the final step of troubleshooting the black screen. In this step one should navigate to Home> settings>General> Reset > erase all data. The system will ask for the password, insert the right password, and there is the start. It can take a few minutes, depending on the data on your mobile phone. One thing needs to be kept in mind; In this step, all data will be removed from your iPhone, including images/videos/contact/messages/account etc., so it is advisable to take a proper backup before performing the factory reset.

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5, Apple Care

The black screen issue is not resolved if the steps mentioned above are performed. Then it might be due to some hardware issue or any software bug. You must visit the nearest apple care center and ask for a resolution of this issue. If you are willing to sell old iPhones online. Then cash2phone provides the best of services along with the best price at your doorstep.

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