Headphones are the best thing to have without disturbing anyone else, and enjoy the music or movie, whichever you want. Best place in which you can use it for travel, and you can be on an airplane/ train/ bus. It is an excellent way of entertainment. However, the quality of headphones does matter in all scenarios. If one uses cheap earphones, the voice is not clear, and your ears might feel some pain in a short time. On the other end, if you purchase some branded earphones that will give you crystal clear sound quality and can use these for a long time.

Due to misuse, Dust, or hardware fault, your headphones stop working. This is not a good situation for one, especially one who is often a traveler or movieholic. Here are some standard methods by which you can Fix your headphones on your own.

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1, Try Another Phone

This is the first and the simplest method to check your earphone’s hardware. Just plug in the headphones in another smartphone and check whether the sound is coming or not. If the sound is also not coming from another mobile phone. Then there is a hardware defect in your headphones. You need to replace or can ask the seller if those are under warranty.

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2, Audio Setting

Sometimes we plug in headphones and forget to increase the volume. Check the audio settings. The volume slider should not be on mute. If it is, then you can try to increase the slider. This will probably resolve the issue of not getting audio.

3, Dust

Dust in the audio jack is another possible reason for not getting proper audio. Make sure to use a cotton swab with a thin tip as it is easier to fit into the headphone jack. After cleaning, plug in your headphones and test to see if they


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4, Cleaning of Jack

Another way to solve the problem is to clean the headphone jack by placing it in a container of silica gel. Silica gel can be found in most homes. If you don’t have silica gel, you can use uncooked rice. Just make sure to check the container before you use it. You can also place your phone in a closed container with silica gel. This will remove any moisture that may have gotten into the jack. If you do not have silica gel at home, you can try putting your phone in a vitamin bottle.

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5, Bluetooth Connectivity

This point applies to wireless headphones. Make sure the device is connected correctly to your mobile phone. Also, make sure there are enough batteries in the headphones to get operational. A low battery can also decrease the quality of sound.

6, Restart

Restarting a device might solve many issues, including clearing cache memory and app data. Some minor hardware issues are also resolved by just restarting the device. You can give it a try to restart your mobile phone if the headphones are not working. Maximum time the problem gets resolved.

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