Google offers many surprising and entertaining tricks, ranging from practical to amusing. Discover how to play games, spin your search page, and even thwart gravity with these amazing Google tricks.

Searching phrases between quotes will only bring up results that include all of the words contained within those quotation marks. Google can even do math calculations for you – just search “45” or “Planck’s Constant”.

Barrel Roll

The Barrel Roll meme encourages its audience to perform a 360-degree spin. Simply type “do a barrel roll” into Google search and watch your screen spin 360 degrees animatedly!

Search engines provide plenty of other interesting tricks, too. For example, searching for an answer to the universe’s ultimate question (“42”) will produce the result as ASCII art – making the experience all the more entertaining for nerds!

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Some mobile users have discovered an easter egg within Google Search that causes the screen to tilt when certain words are searched, providing an entertaining way to surprise friends or family by sending a link and watching their reactions.

Google’s results page for searches containing “askew” will feature a slightly angled display, designed to fool users into thinking something may be amiss with their computer.

Do you want to know the time in Timbuktu? Simply type that into Google Search Bar. Need an instant tip calculator? Search “tip calculator”, while wanting to play a dice prank on someone. Type “heads or tails” and watch as Google pranks you by flipping coins!

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Recursion allows us to break complex problems down into smaller, more manageable pieces by calling back into itself.

Recursion is ideal when searching through many boxes for a key since it keeps track of which ones have already been checked; unlike iteration which simply uses loops.

Recursion can provide an elegant solution to computational problems which would otherwise be intractable, yet it should be remembered that in certain instances iteration might be superior.

Google Gravity

Google Gravity is an entertaining prank that shows how gravity impacts Google search results. Every element, including its logo and search bar, gradually descends toward the bottom of the screen until everything comes tumbling to a stop.

Epic Google is similar to Weenie Google in that everything on its homepage shrinks; however, Epic Google adds another dimension by making search results float around on your screen, controlled with a mouse cursor or touch on smartphones.

Developers created these tricks using interactive JavaScript programming languages to offer viewers engaging ways of using their Google home pages. Some can be found on Mr Doob’s website as well.

Blink HTML

The HTML blink tag is an artefact from the web’s early days when developers were more concerned with making visitors stare than creating seamless user experiences. Never officially part of HTML specifications, most modern browsers no longer support this relic of past years.

The blink tag is considered to be a text decoration by web usability experts and should therefore generally be avoided. You can add its style text-decoration: blink; to a container element such as P>, DIV> or SPAN> for use.

Developers have discovered a way to achieve similar effects using CSS animations. Here’s how it works:

Google in 1998

From its inception, Google has revolutionized how we search the World Wide Web. With easy access to information that is both useful and entertaining, its introduction transformed how people accessed information online.

Google was co-founded in the garage of Larry Page and Sergey Brin in Menlo Park, California, but today boasts an annual turnover of nearly $800 billion and employs millions around the globe.

Google celebrated its official birthday on Sept. 27 by offering users an opportunity to see what it looked like back then – simply enter “Google in 1998” into the search box!


Klingon is an artificial language designed for communication and culture created by linguist Marc Okrand – also responsible for captioning movies and television shows such as Star Trek.

He employed sounds from various natural languages and attempted to keep it as distinct from English as possible. It proved a difficult challenge as the tongue uses several sounds not found in English and has complex rules regarding sentence word order.

Sheldon and Leonard from The Big Bang Theory often speak fluent Klingon on screen, yet learning it takes much more time and dedication than it appears on-screen.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Douglas Adams’ science fiction satire The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy follows Arthur Dent, an ordinary Englishman who finds himself lost and bewildered amidst an extraordinary universe full of incomprehensible wonders and random events.

After being expelled from his Vogon destroyer ship, Arthur boarded the Heart of Gold which used an Infinite Improbability Drive to transport them across the universe in just 29 seconds. Adams used this fictional work as an opportunity to poke fun at scientific advancements – like artificial personalities built into robots – as well as predict other developments such as being able to instantly translate languages using something called Babel Fish that stuck into your ear (similar to software products now available). Furthermore, Adams’ book was also adapted into radio broadcasts and computer game adaptations!


Google can provide assistance whether you’re trying to figure out when the sun rises in Timbuktu or need help converting inches to feet – just type “conversion calculator” into the search bar and it will display one.

Google makes it easy to play snake: search “snake game” and you will discover this exciting trick!

Marvel fans will delight in this fun Google trick. When searching “Thanos snap”, an icon showing a gauntlet appears in the sidebar results; click it, and half of your search results will vanish instantly – making for an engaging way to pass time! if you are looking to sell old phone online then cash2phone is the best place to get some extra cash for your old mobile phone.

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