Last year due to covid pandemic there was a slight delay in the Apple iPhone 12 series launch. But For iPhone 2021 i.e iPhone 13 all things seems in Perfect Place. And there is also no confirmation from the franchise regarding any delays. Too Many Rumors and leaks are coming across as the launch date is coming closer.  Though there is no such confirmation From Officials. If we Follow past years that could be the second week of September. 

Apple Iphone 13 Reference image
Apple Iphone 13 Release date

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Apple iPhone Name

As per Rumors this time also four Iphones will be Launched. If we follow last year’s trend. it should be Named iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max. as per some rumors it might get named as iPhone 12s series. As we had seen earlier in iPhone 6S series. Nevertheless, that will be confirmed soon as the devices got launched.

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Apple iPhone Design

There are plenty of rumors and some leaks are also there about iPhone 13 series. This Franchise provides something new every year for its consumers. and that’s why the hype is sky-high.  As per some leaks, iPhone 13 is having the smallest of Notch ever in any iPhone.

As per some rumors, iPhone 13 will have satellite connectivity. Emergency calls can be originated even if the Network signal is not there.(i.e 3G/4G/5G). That is a revolutionary change if this feature is there.

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All four of the devices are expected to have bigger batteries, Improved cameras,  And yes Upgraded A15 Chipset, Sensor shift camera stabilization(expected for Pro Models) 

If we Follow Some Previous year’s trends, the Launch might be held on the Second week of Tuesday, so that might be the 14th of September. When the iPhone 13 will hit the Market. 


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